HurricaneTT Learning System



Red Band - Beginner

Grip, Position & Posture Hold handle in V. Thumb knuckle on knuckle rest, index …
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Orange Band - Division 5

Grip, Position & Posture Correct distance from the table. One foot behind the other. …
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Yellow Band - Division 4

Grip, Position & Posture Maintain relaxed grip for all shots.
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Green Band - Division 3

Book a coaching session:, Position & …
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Blue Band - Division 2

Grip, Position & Posture Switching between forehand grip and backhand grip.
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Indigo Band - Division 1

Grip, Position & Posture Finger pressures Loop …
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Growing Table Tennis from Grassroots

How does it work?

Anyone can use the HurricaneTT system simply by following the free video lessons from Grade 1 to 7.

Work with your own coach or you can book a session with our partner coach in your area to guide you through the modules.

Any UKCC coach can partner with ...

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We are passionate about table tennis and we dream to see table tennis become a main stream sport in the UK for the health and well-being of players of all ages and abilities.

Our mission is to implement a simple structured table tennis learning system to ...

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