Indigo Band - Division 1

Grip, Position & Posture

Finger pressures


Loop kills,

Fishing and lobbing

Defend/attack strong oncoming shots

Round the net

Chop block

Attack long-pips/choppers

Serves & Return

Attack various serves

Banana flick

Strawberry/Boomerang flick


Wide movement against strong attackers and choppers

Game Tactics

Maximize your strong shot to take advantage in the game


Understand your own strength and be confident to use it in the game.

Mental preparation before the matches to stay strong and focus.

‘Getting into the zone’ – mind-body connection.

Emotional challenges.

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To be assessed by

UKCC Level 2 Coach

Assessment games and written summary. Summary can be written from the couching stand point for better awareness.

Encourage player to become a Level 2 coach.

Assist coach to conduct a group session.

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