Red Band - Beginner

Grip, Position & Posture

Hold handle in V. Thumb knuckle on knuckle rest, index finger on edge of bat. Control with thumb and index finger. Other 3 fingers loosely support handle.


FH drive

BH drive

FH push

BH push

Serves & returns

Drive serve, push serve

Return drive and push serves


Shuffle steps – sideways

Game Tactics

Choose correct stroke against incoming balls


Be relaxed, not tense. Focus on correct techniques, not about losing points. Be positive about learning. Enjoy table tennis and make friends.

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To be assessed by

UKCC Level 1 Coach:

Using correct grip used

Able to continuously play

5 x FH drive, 5 x BH drive

5 x FH push, 5 x BH push

3 x FH block, 3 x BH block

Able to Serve basic drive serves and push serves. Able to return basic drive serves and push serves.

Be able to do sideway steps.

Play correct strokes.

Showing relaxed and positive focus

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