Orange Band - Division 5

Grip, Position & Posture

Correct distance from the table.

One foot behind the other. Feet slightly wider than shoulder. Knees bent. Lean forward. Weight low and forward. Weight on balls of feet.


FH topspin

BH topspin

FH block

BH block

Serves & Returns

Vary length and direction

Serves and returns


Vary length and direction

In and out

Gmae Tactics

Play shots consistently.


Be relaxed. Understand your mistakes and find a solution to address the mistakes.

It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about improving yourself, enjoy the sport and building friendship.

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To be assessed by

UKCC Level 1 Coach

Be able to continuously play

10 x FH drive, 10 x BH drive

10 x FH push, 10 x BH push

5 x FH topspin, 5 x BH topspin

5 x FH block, 5 x BH block

Serve top and back spin, short and long, vary directions.

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