Growing Table Tennis from Grassroots

How does it work?

Anyone can use the HurricaneTT system simply by following the free video lessons from Grade 1 to 7.

Work with your own coach or you can book a session with our partner coach in your area to guide you through the modules.

Any UKCC coach can partner with HurricaneTT to offer sessions in their area.

Each module contains these elements:

Grip, Position & Posture


Serve & Return


Game Tactics


Each element has a selection of video clips as visual learning aid.

Any player can suggest a video clip to HurricaneTT to be share on the system for the benefit of everyone. 

At the end of the module, the player can take an assessment with their coach to progress to the next grade.

All players can start with a Red HurricaneTT Wristband.

As they pass their assement, they will receive an upgrade HurricaneTT Wristband from their coach.

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