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HurricaneTT is a company limited by guarantee applying for charity status. HurricaneTT has a board of three trustees and will be a registered charity at the time when this initiative is underway.


The Charity Objectives of HurricaneTT are implementing table tennis venues, organising table tennis activities and promoting table tennis as a sport for the benefit of health and well-being for all ages, all skill levels and all physical abilities.


HurricaneTT will work under a partnership with venues such as schools, community centres, church halls, sports centres where HurricaneTT will supply all table tennis tables and barriers required for the venue on a free-hire basis.

HurricaneTT will also maintenance the tables, repair or replace as required, and supply for free all beginners’ bats, practice balls required for as long as the partnership is in place.

Once the venue is fully equipped, it will become an asset which can be hired out to generate revenue for the owner of the venue.

In return, HurricaneTT asks for an agreed number of hours of free access to the venue.


HurricaneTT then recruit a local table tennis coach to look after the venue. This coach will coordinate maintenance of the equipment and coordinate table tennis activities including coaching, competitions and club nights if appropriate for the venue during the agreed free hours. The coach will pay the venue for any extra hours required for his activities.

Outside these free hours, the coach will also set up community TT activities at this venue where he will apply for grants to fund these community activities. At a school venue, he could also coach PE teachers to teach table tennis during school curriculum classes.

The HurricaneTT initiative aims to create an ecosystem where table tennis is provided as a life-long sport for players of all ages and all levels, therefore benefiting the health and well-being of the community. This ecosystem will also provide a vocation for table tennis coaches where they can generate sustainable income from coaching, club membership fees and funding for running the community activities.

The coach looking after a venue will also be an agent for HurricaneTT to help players select table tennis bats suitable for their playing level to improve their game. Therefore the coach can also generate income from equipment sales.

The coach could also take on an apprentice to encourage the younger generations to come into the sport as a vocation. Therefore this ecosystem also provides jobs for the future generations in the community.

The coach will pay HurricaneTT a membership fee of £30 per month per table and work under the guidance of the HurricaneTT Board of Trustees.

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